Reuben’s Woodcraft Home Page

Welcome to Reuben’s Woodcraft.

Based in Sheffield making handmade wood crafts and wooden gifts that look and feel special.

Reuben's woodcraft workshop

A pic of my workshop which down in the cellar

Recently I have started to rebuild my work shop and have made a good start in making quality wood craft projects.

Wood crafts has not only been my working life but also my hobby. It is said that for real passion to show through your work you will need to love doing it. I find with my wood crafts and Antique furniture restoration work, that this is true.

Please have a good look around and be sure to bookmark the site and any of the links that you are most interested in.

Logo for Reuben's woodcraft

A newly designed logo for Reuben’s woodcraft

This is My WordPress blog site that runs alongside my main site, which can be found from this link   (Reuben’s wood crafts main site)

I have also just recently opened up my own little online shop. I hope you find something you like.

You can find it here. Reuben’s Woodcraft Shop.

You can friend me on face book or share this link to others, to keep up to date with any new projects, news, new items, for sale items and or to keep in touch for future reference for any work you require doing. If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Kind Regards

Reuben Gregory